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  • New York - Where to Stay/What to Eat

    The top luxe locales to visit when traveling to New York City this holiday season.

  • Year-End / Year-Beginning Holiday Food in Tokyo, Japan

    Food is central to every holiday celebration, and Japan is no exception. The fresh, seasonal ingredients, precise preparation and the complete visual aesthetic—color, balance and design—of traditional Japanese cuisine represent thousands of years of traditions, stories and symbolism.  But it’s not just traditional Japanese foods that make this country a stand out in the world of gastronomy.  The Japanese are particularly adept at taking foods and traditions from other countries and turning them into something better.

  • Le Marais Steakhouse - New York’s only Kosher French brasserie, Releases New Cookbook

    Le Marais Steakhouse is historic, so naturally the restaurant’s new cookbook:  Le Marais: a Rare Steakhouse Well Done, released on July 18, 2023 is historic as well.  Located in Manhattan’s theater district for 21 years, Le Marais remains the only Kosher French brasserie in New York City. Observant Jewish and even non-Jewish clientele have been coming since inception to dine on its French cuisine with North African and Portuguese influences. I personally had never been to the restaurant before, but I had passed it many times over the years. Finally, I was inspired by the cookbook launch to fully immerse myself in this multi-cultural yet very New York, dining experience.

  • Tuscan Delights: Unique Dishes to Eat in Tuscany

    Tuscan cuisine is based on the idea of simple and fresh ingredients often referred as cucina povera or in English we could roughly translate the idea as farmer’s style cooking. In Tuscany complicate seasonings and elaborate creations are not needed. It’s all about simple meals, without using expensive ingredients and it can be easily made. Recipes are made of fresh and high-quality fresh ingredients, sometimes easily found in the countryside: bread, beans and roasted meats are essential.

  • Pappadeux Seafood Kitchen: Springdale, Ohio

    A trip on assignment to Maysville, Kentucky finally gave me the opportunity to venture on my return to the Cincinnati area to the Pappadeaux’s restaurant in Springdale, Ohio at the northern edge of the metropolitan area. As I hoped it was a good choice to have an excellent supper on my way back home.

  • California Highway 1 Discovery Route Morro Bay Part One

    Well, I think I’m in love – with the Central Coast of California, that is! I recently spent 5 days driving and staying along the Highway 1 Discovery Route. What a blast from the past and I mean that in a very good way!

  • Bangkok: Where the Food is the Culture

    It was about 8 pm in Bangkok, but things were only just getting started. My friend and I hopped aboard our extra secure “Smiling Tuk-tuk” – ones that actually feature metal mesh on the sides to prevent passing motorcyclists from grabbing your bag or purse -- and zoomed around Bangkok on a night-time culinary adventure organized by Bangkok Food Tours. The experience allowed us to both experience the best local eats of the city's restaurants and night markets – some neighborhoods specialize in certain dishes – and also safely explore the city at night. We stopped at four restaurants/food stands in different neighborhoods, including a dessert specialty place, and we also visited the flower market before ending our evening atop one of Bangkok's coolest roof-top bars, enjoying a Thai beer, while looking out over Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn.

  • Rome and Paris Await – More Glorious Food

    Traveling whets the taste buds, and when you’re in the most glorious, glamour spots on earth, dining is pure pleasure. A feast for the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the stomach.  Something to be desired, something to be appreciated, so let’s visit a few more wonderful places in great towns.

  • London’s Food, Glorious Food

    Remember when… English food was considered abominable? Except for we English who loved it, didn’t know better, and it wasn’t until the advent of the early Chinese and Indian cafes that we knew any other cuisine or cooking.  But over the years, especially with the EU making crossing borders easy, the wonderful influx of young chefs from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc., has brought fine dining to an Art form in London and beyond.  Let’s take a look at some of the venerable restaurants in London, and it’s all about adapting tried and true establishments adapting to the “latest” trends

  • Columbe D’Or: Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France

    Whenever a trip is being planned, there are usually many “wishes” to be fulfilled. One thing for sure is the desire to taste the most fantastic food in the most luxurious settings. Of course, there is fabulous street food, but we’re all about making reservations, dressing up, and enjoying a dining experience for a true foodie!



    We’ll journey to many great restaurants in these travels, but let’s start with a couple of my favorites, in my ultimately most favorite place – the French Riviera.  And, we’ll start at the top of a mountain. COLUMBE D’OR in St. Paul de Vence is arguably one of the most famous restaurants in the world. It has appeared in numerous movies, and attracts Royalty, Presidents, Movie stars, and the global uber-rich out for an amazing experience.

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