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  • Best Baby Boomer Destinations in 2017

    As we all know, baby boomers are the generation of Americans that were born after the World War II. These baby boomers are already starting to make travel plans for 2017. They are now getting ready to retire and their kids have grown and probably left their house. Are you a baby boomer? Why not take a look at these following destinations for baby boomers that are worth seeing?

  • Affordable Ski Packages at Courtyard Lake George

    Skiers will be happy to learn that the new 119-room Courtyard Lake George, set on the “Queen of American Lakes,” has partnered with Gore Mountain, the popular alpine ski resort, to offer guests time- and money-saving packages in 2017.

  • New Year, New Travel Trends

    What better way to ring in the New Year is there than planning a trip?

  • Butlers Are the New Hotel Amenities

    Need a favorite literary tome fetched? A cooling cloth spritzed with a custom fragrance for your sun-warmed brow? A morning coffee delivered with the day’s schedule? This is your vacation, after all, your time to relax, recharge and focus on yourself. It’s only fitting that you have what you want, when you want to have it.

  • Multigenerational Trips: Why & How To Take One

    If your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents came from another country other than where you live now and you have any inclination to visit that country, start saving your money and get busy planning! It can be an incredible opportunity to take a look at historical events, family, and traditions from a unique angle and give you a new perspective on your family history.

  • Winter Destinations You Can Afford

    Just because we’re getting well into the winter months now, doesn’t mean you should have to deal with the frigid cold. Actually, it’s totally and completely possible to spend the winter season under the sun, relaxing and working on your tan instead. So go ahead and dig out your swimsuit and flip flops, grab some sunblock, and pack your bags! Here are 10 warm, sunny, and even affordable places to travel to this winter.

  • Get Cozy in Michigan

    Looking to heat up your winter with a cozy snow-bound rendezvous? You’ll want to head to Michigan, which tends to get covered with snow each year. But where you can go to experience that picturesque getaway that isn’t utterly crowded? A little gem of a town about 3-hours North of Detroit called Oscoda, which has access to the

    Corsair Ski Trails and offers 44 miles of groomed trails within the Huron National Forest.

  • Wilmington, North Carolina - Neighborhoods to Watch

    Wilmington, N.C., is a vibrant riverfront city flowing with culture, style, energy, creativity and hospitality. The city’s River District pays tribute to both the past and the future by seamlessly blending its charming historic district with the more modern architecture of the north end, along with shops, cafes and attractions. Here is a look at several of Wilmington’s unique neighborhoods.

  • New York - Where to Stay/What to Eat

    The top luxe locales to visit when traveling to New York City this holiday season.

  • Florida for Snowbirds

    Snowbirds looking to escape the cold, but who prefer a temperate rather than tropical climate, will find the best of both worlds in Santa Rosa County, along Florida’s Panhandle. The destination has a plethora of affordable rental condominiums and homes, and RV campgrounds.

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