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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Cannery Pier Hotel: Astoria, Oregon

    A unique hotel built on a pier jutting into the Columbia River in Astoria Oregon, the Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa is built on the site of the Union Fish Cannery 600 feet into the river. The hotel offers magnificent views into the environs of a working river including views out to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and nearby Washington. Each room has a private balcony out to the river.

  • Dreading the TSA Line? These Credit Cards Might Let You Skip it

    If you have a summer tour or cruise planned, the news about extremely long TSA lines is especially troubling. After all, missing your outgoing flight can lead to a domino effect of missed connections that terminates in your cruise or tour bus leaving without you.

  • No Passport Travel

    Imagine a picture-perfect sunset, a cool island breeze, and the relaxing sound of waves crashing against the shore while you sip the juice out of a fresh coconut. The thought of a tropical vacation is most enticing when you just want to get away, or at any time if we’re being honest. It’s a fantasy many of us long for, but we often think that jetting off to an exotic location that can offer all of this and more requires too much effort due to them being international destinations. Of course international travel mandates a current passport, which means going through customs and an even longer visit with the TSA. This is even more distressing if you don’t have a passport or if your passport has expired and you need to renew it. At the airport, security is magnified and even the smallest details will be scrutinized. If this has completely turned you off to traveling with a passport, we’ve got good news. Fortunately, there are beautiful tropical vacations you can visit with just your driver’s license in hand.

  • Dine Divine: Carmel-By-The-Sea

    It’s been said that Carmel-By-The-Sea, California has more fine restaurants per capita than any spot on earth. When you walk the quaint streets of this charming city, you’ll become a believer as well. Some restaurants feature longtime celebrity chefs and others are relative newcomers. Most restauranteurs take advantage of the abundance of fresh California fruits, vegetables and beef, bringing the farm to fork concept to life. Through 2016, Carmel is celebrating its centennial anniversary with the big festivities in October.

  • Spa & Culinary Patrol

    With years of travel writing under her "bling-y" belt, Mira covers spas, restaurants and events worldwide. Join her on these splendid journeys.

  • Overcome Your Fear of Flying

    Most people have an intense fear that they have to deal with. Because flying high in the air feels so unnatural to human beings, the fear of flying is a very common one. According to this article by Miami Helicopter, there are a variety of reasons behind the fear of flying. This includes feeling anxious about crashing, weather disasters, or plane hijackings similar to the 9/11 attacks. Flying fears could also stem from feeling crowded, being unable to escape, and feeling powerlessness over the success of the plane's flight. If you are worried about experiencing fear or anxiety during a flight, here are some general tips on how to overcome that fear.

  • The Sunset Motel: Brevard, North Carolina

    I have such fond recollections of traveling with my parents as a child and staying in motels on our summer vacation travels. Sadly, those establishments have all but vanished and we are left we high rise properties. Don't get me wrong, I love to crawl in those plush beds and have the amenities, but sometimes, I long for the feel of the bygone era. Well, fear not, there are a few nostalgic places left and here's one that I think you will love. Not only is it in a wonderful location, but it will bring back a lot of memories.

  • Trail Riders Celebrate 93 Years of Riding in the Canadian Rockies

    Join the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies (TRCR) this summer for a wilderness adventure in the saddle exploring the most spectacular country in the world, all in comfort! This is boomer adventure travel at its finest, sharing a remarkable horseback trip into the majestic Canadian Rockies with a few like souls. The T.R.C.R., a non-profit organization, operate six-day professionally guided trail rides each summer. You don’t even have to be able to ride to do it, though you have to like horses and be willing to learn. If this is not on your “bucket list” you’re missing out!

  • Venice, Italy: City of Dreams

    Enchanting, majestic, serene, Venice is like no other place in the world.  No other city has been built on a lagoon that with each year gently is sinking at the rate of 1 – 2mm a year.

  • Top Outdoor Activities in Argentina

    Argentina is a country that’s as diverse as it is huge. Few places in the world can offer deserts, rainforests, mountain ranges, glaciers and wide open grasslands such as you can witness as you travel through this amazing country. With all this open space there’s a plethora of things to discover outdoors which is why The Outdoor Vibe aims to offer a wide range of exciting outdoor activities around Argentina. During your vacation you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the vibrant sights of Buenos Aires and take in a local Tango show, experience the passion of a local soccer game or enjoy Argentina’s world famous beef and wine in one of the many excellent restaurants around the city.

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