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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • Fall In Love With Jamaica: Part Three

    As you can see from Parts one and two of my Journey to Jamaica, there is much to see and do there and I'm not done yet. They kept us hopping on this trip and may I say, I honestly don't think we even scratched the surface.

  • Pets Make New Travel Gains at American Airports

    It is always good to see more progress for pet friendliness in America. As more and more empty- nesters, especially baby boomers, add fur children to replace the human children, we are finding that more businesses, apartments, hotels and restaurants are increasingly becoming pet friendly. Commercial air travel and rail have been slow to follow, but now we are seeing progress in those arenas as well.

  • Travel Goods for Today: 3 In-flight Essentials

    Yes, planes are increasingly cramped and uncomfortable – but you can help improve conditions for yourself with these indispensable in-flight items.

  • Love Boat: Why Cruises Are So Popular with Anyone Who Has Physical Limitations

    Have you ever dreamed about going on the LOVE BOAT for a trip of a life time?  Many people have really become more interested in the cruising options ever sense Captain Stuving and his crew of helpful staff entered our televisions in the 1970s.

  • The Transformative Benefits of Retreat Vacations

    Cierra King, co-founder of Reset Retreats, talks about the transformative benefits of a retreat as a vacation option for women.

  • Fall in Love with Jamaica: Part Two

    Using the Melia Braco Village as home base, we were whisked away for the day by our driver Jermain from Paradise Travels. Can I just say that Jermain was amazing. He had to deal with 6 women from various parts of the United States and Canada and he kept his cool and professional attitude throughout. We really appreciated him and I suggest you look him up if you want to take any excursions while visiting Jamaica. www.paradisetravelsinja.com

  • Hotel or Villa?: Travel Home Away from Home

    As baby boomers, when deciding where to set up your “retirement home” in addition to making plans for those dream holidays, allow me to share with you my own personal story.

  • Travel Gear and Goodies: 5 Smart Bags

    Smart looks, intelligent design – there is a perfect bag for every travel scenario.

  • A Cost-Effective Way to Stay at a Luxury Resort

    For those who want a high-end vacation, accommodations can be costly. Fortunately, timeshare rentals offer the perfect solution. Providing luxurious amenities and services, you'll be surprised how little renting a timeshare can cost. Third party websites such as SellMyTimeshareNow.com allow owners to advertise their timeshare properties for rent, giving you the opportunity to save big. Rent a timeshare at major resort brands such as Marriott, Wyndham, Disney, and many more, in destinations throughout the world, without paying the pricey developer rate.

  • 10 Affordable Holiday Destinations in Europe

    DealsPlus brings us ten affordable European destinations for the holidays.

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