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  • Palm Too: Manhattan, NY

    I lived in Manhattan for quite a few years. One particular restaurant, the Palm Too was always such a lovely dining experience. I would say we would dine here at least once a month. I had also tried other locations, Atlanta, Boston, Washington D. C and the Hamptons. I always loved coming back to this particular one it is the place to go too.

  • Sardinia, Italy

    This is such a beautiful place to visit. You can fall in love with the quiet and the breathtaking views of the deep blue sea. You can bring some exciting books to read while staring at the sea.  There is also an exciting nightlife here if that is what you desire.

  • Hot Straw: Denver, Colorado

    This product was brought to my attention by a lovely email I received from Kirstin Robison. I was so excited to try these and truly thought all boomers should know about these! There have been so many times I have wondered why no one had ever created a straw for hot beverages. Here it was right before my eyes!

  • Shake Shack: London, England

    This fabulous place opened 2013 and is located in the Royal Opera House. The first location was in Madison Square in Manhattan. There is not anything that my friend Danny Meyer does in the food industry that is not brilliant including my favorite Union Square Cafe located in Union Square in Manhattan.

  • Lake Como: Italy

    Blondee tells us about great places to eat at scenic Lake Como in Italy.

  • Hot Bread Kitchen: New York

    I learned about this from Carla Hall from The Chew on TV. I was so excited about this story. Hot Bread has a lot of dimensions to it besides being a great bakery. It helps to increase economic security for foreign born low income women and men. They sell multi ethic breads at the retail store on site. They also have kitchen rental in the 2,300 square foot shared commercial kitchen. There are so many entrepreneurs who need kitchen space so how fabulous is this.

  • Cooking Schools

    A snapshot of three cooking schools: Peru Le Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru; the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont; and Swinton Park in the United Kingdom.

  • Husk: Charleston, South Carolina

    Travelers from everywhere love to come to the charming place called Charleston. Cobblestone streets, colonial homes and plantations are everywhere. Husk is the perfect restaurant to visit. You can enjoy an ice cold cocktail on their porch in the afternoon and then return later for an award winning James Beard chef’s dinner menu.

  • Pastries and Bakeries: Vietnam, Manhattan, Sacramento, Denver

    A selection of great pastries and bakeries to delight the palate.

  • B Smith: New York, New York

    I was lucky to meet this powerhouse in my studio in Soho in the mid 90's. I have been to her restaurants and love her southern food cuisine. I have a piece of her Home Collection in my kitchen that I use all the time. So, I would say I am a big fan of her empire and talent. B's husband, Dan Gasby is very involved in B's empire and has an amazing resume. They work together on shows, magazines and newsletters, radio, Home Collection and Restaurants, just to name a few of their projects.

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