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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • Cancun for Baby Boomers- Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe

    Many Baby Boomers automatically think of Spring Break vacations when they hear Cancun. While that is often true, let me assure you that any other time of year, Cancun is for everyone! I just returned from a week's vacation there and stayed at the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe and saw a lot of fellow Boomers enjoying the sun, fun and food.

  • Discover a Harvest of Fall Colors and Events in Durango, Colorado

    Durango, CO – From the middle of September through the middle of October when the leaves change color, Durango, Colorado, is the perfect destination to witness the season's stunning fall transformation. From outdoor activities that offer adrenaline-filled adventure against the stunning backdrop of the changing leaves to family friendly harvest happenings, a new season means a wide variety of diverse and distinct vacation opportunities.

  • Snag a Great Deal for Labor Day Weekend

    Believe it or not, it’s not too late to snag a great deal on a Labor Day Weekend getaway package.

  • A Barrel Full of Monkeys

    Wildlife encounters, whether intended or not, are often a highlight on travel.  While significant precautions are emphasized for large animals, it is generally obvious to keep a safe distance.  But what about some of those cute smaller animals that seem harmless?  Doesn’t everyone want to pet that cute little monkey in the tree outside your hut? Not so fast….

  • Travel Product Reviews

    Packing for a trip can be a challenge so we are reviewing products that will enhance your travel experience. Check it out!

  • 2.6 Million Seniors are Victims – Are you Protecting your parents from Identity Thieves?

    As Grandparents Day approaches on September 11, many may be thinking about how they can show their appreciation for all that the grandparents in their lives have done. And while that’s a wonderful sentiment, it might be even more important to instead think about how we can protect this increasingly susceptible group of individuals.

  • Flying Frontier Style

    A few weeks ago I decided to go to a conference in Princeton NJ.  I was going to drive in order to save money.  This felt at first like a great adventure until I checked map quest directions.  It turns out Princeton NJ is 10 hour drive from home.  This would have been okay except that I was driving alone, and am blind in my right eye.

  • Adventure at Every Turn in Sedona

    Simply the “Most Beautiful Place on Earth,” Sedona is surrounded by gorgeous red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and quiet pine forests. This Arizona desert town, located near Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, is a Mecca for New Age enthusiasts and seekers of the spiritual. Thanks to the natural flow of Vortex energy, the area is like a powerful magnet, pulling you to its destination and welcoming you back again.

  • Le Marais Steakhouse - New York’s only Kosher French brasserie, Releases New Cookbook

    Le Marais Steakhouse is historic, so naturally the restaurant’s new cookbook:  Le Marais: a Rare Steakhouse Well Done, released on July 18, 2023 is historic as well.  Located in Manhattan’s theater district for 21 years, Le Marais remains the only Kosher French brasserie in New York City. Observant Jewish and even non-Jewish clientele have been coming since inception to dine on its French cuisine with North African and Portuguese influences. I personally had never been to the restaurant before, but I had passed it many times over the years. Finally, I was inspired by the cookbook launch to fully immerse myself in this multi-cultural yet very New York, dining experience.

  • Zika – Travel Tips

    How we love our travel – all of us have heard and are aware of the devastating health effects of the Zika virus – especially for women who have become infected while pregnant.  While reviewing the recent media coverage – it finally has hit our Miami shores – it just dawned on me how important to tell my grown children to be very careful – for the spread, though slow, and authorities continue to try to quell any alarm or concern for Americans, the fact is that it has reached US soil and I quickly sent an email to my grown children to be forewarned when they travel not only international but also within the US.  One can never be too careful!

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