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  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party - Filled with Holiday Lights and Music

    In early November I attended the first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  This event occurs a number of times between early November and December.

  • Love Boat: Why Cruises Are So Popular with Anyone Who Has Physical Limitations

    Have you ever dreamed about going on the LOVE BOAT for a trip of a life time?  Many people have really become more interested in the cruising options ever sense Captain Stuving and his crew of helpful staff entered our televisions in the 1970s.

  • Flying Frontier Style

    A few weeks ago I decided to go to a conference in Princeton NJ.  I was going to drive in order to save money.  This felt at first like a great adventure until I checked map quest directions.  It turns out Princeton NJ is 10 hour drive from home.  This would have been okay except that I was driving alone, and am blind in my right eye.

  • Checking out the Sights and Sounds of Locust Grove

    In the middle of a neighborhood in Louisville Kentucky is a Historic Home… Locust Grove.  The home was built in the 1790’s, and is on a beautiful piece of property.  General George Rodgers Clark came to this home, which was his sister’s, when his health was failing him.  He had a bedroom on the first floor of the house.  It is said that General Clark spent many hours sitting on the back porch looking at the Ohio River.

  • See New York City By Boat

    Last weekend my husband Doug and I went to NYC.  It was his first visit.  I was in a training in Stamford, so we took some time to see the sights in New York City.  The city can be, and is often very exhausting, so on Sunday morning (Doug’s last day) we were looking for a more laid back experience.

  • The Benefits of Going on a Private Tour

    You are in a new location trying to get the most out of your limited time to explore the area.  Although everyone wants to go explore 1 person has extreme food allergies, and another travel companion cannot walk far.  This means you have to miss out in seeing the Archaeological sites, eating authentic food, and seeing more than the touristy places on a right?


    It is time to look into setting up a PRIVATE TOUR

  • Hop On, Hop Off Bus in New York City Is A Blast!

    Have you ever visited a new city, and not been sure what you want to see? It can be very overwhelming. On a recent trip to New York City my daughter and I decided to take the hop on hop off bus. Keep in mind that I have sight limitations, and my daughter (who is 19) is very ADHD. This was her first time in the Big Apple, so we choose to take the night time tour.

  • Grand Central Station in New York City

    On a recent trip to the New York City area I had the pleasure of catching a train at Grand Central Station.  This is a historic building that continues to be used by many commuters, and visited by plenty of tourists.  The building has lots of ramps and elevators, making all trains and platforms accessible for the wheel chair bound individuals.  The trains are also very accessible, and provide much more room than the buses or subways.

  • Historic Bonnet House: Full of Art and Whimsy

    A surprising awaits people who venture a block or so from the beach in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  A large Caribbean style home was built around 1900 and is filled with lots of animals, and treasures from around the world.

  • Cruising with Parkinson’s

    My mom had Parkinson ’s disease for 30 years.  She did not want “Parky” to stop her from enjoying her grandchildren, traveling, or being part of important family events.  Mom had just found independence as she had successfully launched all 4 of her kids, so she was ready to travel and see the world.  My family was ready to explore the world a little more as well.  My girls, aged 12 and 6 invited mom to join us on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas on the Freedom Of The Seas.  After getting approval from her Dr.’s and doing some medication adjustments, she was ready to go.

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