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  • Dune at One and Only Ocean Club: Nassau, Bahamas

    One and Only Ocean Club is a luxury place to stay in the Bahamas. It is a grand colonial looking place and has a golf course, spa, tennis and water sports. This is the perfect place to come and just eat, play and completely relax. You might never want to even leave the property. It is very special and has so many luxury activities to offer.

  • Parrotheads Rejoice: New Accessible Oasis in Falmouth Jamaica

    My family recently went on a terrific cruise aboard Oasis of the Seas.  One morning we docked in Jamaica, not Montego Bay, or Ocho Rios, but Falmouth Jamaica.  The port was fine, but most activities were at least 1 hour away.  I was aware of some security issues outside of the port area as well.  We did not want to spend time in the bus, and my husband was not able to walk long distances, therefore we slept in and just disembarked.  We noticed a lot of vendors selling their wares, which was interesting, but a little chaotic, so we moved on.

  • Come Back to Jamaica

    Come Back to Jamaica... used to be the popular theme song of Air Jamaica. With its mouthwatering views of the island, the happy singing and dancing islanders, and the perfect weather to lure you, of course you're going back!

  • Chef Mavro: Honolulu, Hawaii

    Chef Mavro was born in Marseilles, the capital of Provence. The moment he arrived over 20 years ago in Hawaii, he knew this was home for him. It was that feeling, the experience he felt immediately. As I researched about this chef, my favorite photo of him is the fruit tree one. It says a lot about him.

  • Island Patrol


    Join Don, a resident of the Bahamas, as he explores the culture, food, hotels and beaches of the Islands.

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