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  • 10 Affordable Holiday Destinations in Europe

    DealsPlus brings us ten affordable European destinations for the holidays.

  • Portugal’s Gardens

    Portugal is a land of charming cities, azure waters, and stunningly colorful gardens. Behold Portugal’s distinct beauty while exploring with Collette and the Royal Horticultural Society on the Portugal’s Gardens tour.

  • Lisboa, Portugal: “Golden Age of Discovery”

    Today scientists and astronomers plan their visits to space, the moon, mars and beyond, but in the 16 Century Lisboa was the center of the universe where royalty, under the direction of Prince Henry the Navigator, underwrote the explorations to other lands – with such explorers as Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Cabral at the helm.

  • Europe in the Off-Season

    The “off-season” is the perfect time to explore Europe with Collette! Traveling November through April allows travelers to enjoy the relaxed pace and spend more time interacting with locals, savor moments at historical highlights and geographic wonders without the crowds, and enjoy mild weather – not too hot, not too cold! Experience life on Portugal’s beautiful “Silver Coast,” on the Sunny Portugal tour. Visit 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Cathedral of Seville, on the Spain’s Costa del Sol & the Portuguese Riviera tour. Sail along the enchanting Amalfi Coast and spend the day exploring this picturesque paradise, on the Rome and Amalfi Coast tour. Explore the impressive Rothschild Villa and Gardens, a seaside palazzo overlooking the Mediterranean, on the Discover the French Riviera tour. Cruise to Murano to visit a glass-making factory and watch the world’s most spectacular blown glass being artfully crafted, on the Spotlight on Venice in the Winter tour. Collette offers a variety of tours and dates perfect for your next winter getaway.

  • Exploring Spain’s Costa del Sol and the Portuguese Riviera

    Passion. Culture. Paradise. It’s time to fall in love with Portugal and Spain!

  • Discover Portugal’s Treasures – Part II

    Experience the warm hospitality of Portugal as you discover its rich vineyards, delicious sweets and unique shopping opportunities. Second part of a two part series on Portugal.

  • Discover Portugal’s Treasures – Part 1

    Passion. Culture. Paradise. It’s time to fall in love with Portugal!

  • Portugal

    Place your experiences, tips, and comments about travel in Portugal here.

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