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  • Retrorome: Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, where style, history and culture come together in the second largest city in Spain. It is also the tenth most visited city in the world. With this in mind, where should we stay you ask? I know just the place and it will take you to a time you know well.

  • Seville, Spain: Heart of Flamenco

    As a boomer I was blessed with my father having been in the Air Force and we lived in Spain (Torrejon AFB outside Madrid) when I was in High School  What a perfect age to be exposed to other countries and cultures!

  • Malaga: Dancing in the Sun

    I love Spain - for it truly is my most favorite country to visit and even to retire. We have visited the capital, Madrid and also Barcelona but the one city that is the top of my list to visit - or even to consider retiring is Malaga - a brilliant gem yet to be discovered

  • Spotlight on Madrid

    Join Collette on a new leisure-stay tour for 2015 named Spotlight on Madrid that features a six-night stay in Spain’s lively capital city and includes many excursions to nearby historic towns. Learn the secrets of Castillian cuisine during a fun-filled, inter-active cooking class. Visit the Prado Museum, one of the most celebrated and comprehensive art galleries in the world. See the birthplace of author Miguel de Cervantes, creator of the novel, “Don Quixote.” This new tour is perfect for travelers looking to discover the many wonders of Madrid. With a six-night stay there will be plenty of time to relax and watch the city go by as well as taking in all the history and culture Madrid has to offer.

  • Spotlight on Barcelona

    Venture to Barcelona with Collette for an extended stay exploring the art, culture and history of this unique city.  Enjoy unpacking just once for a single hotel stay in Spain’s second largest city and capital of the Catalunya province.  Get acquainted with one of the liveliest cites in all Europe on an adventure full of excitement and rich in culture. From learning the secrets of Catalan cuisine during an interactive cooking class, visiting the Penedes wine region for a winery tour and tasting, to a tour highlighting all the “must see” spots of Barcelona, travelers are sure to be immersed in the city.

  • Exploring Spain’s Costa del Sol and the Portuguese Riviera

    Passion. Culture. Paradise. It’s time to fall in love with Portugal and Spain!

  • Marbella, Spain

    Marbella, deep into Southern Spain, the region known as Andalucía, is one of the world's greatest and most famous resorts for the super-rich and very famous.  Its renewed popularity came with the advent of two concepts spearheaded by several great and famous men.

  • Spain

    Place your experiences, tips, and comments about travel in Spain here.

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