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  • Caving with Carlin Part 2

    When Carlin returned he led us to the second rappelling site where once again Anita and I took turns being lowered about a 60 foot drop; down into the crevasse to the next cave entrance.

  • An Afternoon of Caving with Carlin: Part One

    My sister and I love adventure.  When we were given an opportunity to go “caving” we both jumped at the prospect and that is how we ended up outside the Tim Hortons in Thornbury Ontario meeting Carlin.  Carlin is the caving expert and our guide on this adventure tour.

  • Fall Colour Tour in Muskoka Ontario

    From Six Mile Lake Provincial Park 

    To Oastler Lake Provincial Park, Parry Sound

    Scenic route driving distance:  148  KM 

    I woke up early and chilled.  It got good and cold overnight, and feeling chilly is what woke me up.  I think I should have used both sleeping bags…but when I fell asleep it was not that cool.  Since I was already awake I decided to get up. It was still dark!

  • Wonders of Newfoundland

    Join Collette on the brand new Wonders of Newfoundland tour and discover a bland of natural beauty, quaint villages, stunning ocean views and friendly people on your exploration. Newfoundland has it all!

  • Gladstone Hotel: Toronto, Canada

    Toronto is an amazing, exciting, cosmopolitan city and for those of you that are lovers of art, I suggest you spend at least a couple of nights at the Gladstone Hotel in the Queen Street West area. It is a boutique hotel with 37 rooms, all designed by local artists - each one is designed by a different artist. The rooms tend to be on the small side and they vary in size, but they come equipped with free WiFi, flat screen TV, Samsung Galaxy tablets for free internet surfing and all natural Canadian bath products.

  • Crown Princess Alaskan Cruise

    June 28, 2023 my husband and I set out on a seven day Alaskan cruise on the Crown Princess doing the Voyage of the Glaciers.  We departed Whittier, AK sailing south to Vancouver, British Columbia.  Upon arrival at the Anchorage Airport we were transported by bus to Whittier, AK. The only way into Whittier is through a 2.5 mile tunnel.  Toward the end of the tunnel the bus driver told us to look to the left, she then played the theme to the "Love Boat" as we went through the tunnel exit.  There on the left sat our ship the Crown Princess.

  • Maritimes Coastal Wonders

    Explore Canada’s Maritimes region – an area of rugged and pristine beauty.

  • Turkey Point Provincial Park: Ontario, Canada

    Remember the beach during the 60’s & 70’s?Simple and  rried, colorful snack shacks, and a day of family fun. It’s all still here in Canada!

  • Dog Paddling Adventures: Outdoor Adventure for Dogs and their People

    Some of Susie’s Canadian friends brought an interesting place in Canada to our attention.  Dog Paddling Adventures is a group that offers adventures for dogs and their humans in Ontario province during every season of the year.

  • Camping Canada’s Niagara Falls

    We return to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls time and again because the area has so much to offer. It’s all the stuff we like to do – outdoor, natural splendor, and touristy. We revisited several favorites and added some new experiences, too. The weather was perfection, and it’s a gorgeous ride cruising Niagara Parkway. The drive is dotted with islands of flowers and fountains, and the profusion of colors is simply wondrous. Walking paths alongside disappear invitingly into lush woods, and the air is clean and crisp.

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