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  • Jericho, Israel: A City of Palms

    The ancient city of Jericho, or Tell es-Sultan, where you will learn about the perennial spring that supported this city for centuries and provided the much needed irrigation system for the land as well as to quench the thirst for travelers.

  • Masada: A Cry in the Wilderness

    If you plan a trip to Israel, top on your list is a visit to the sacred city of Jerusalem, second should be a visit to Masada.  You can combine a visit to Masada along with the Dead Sea, but plan on a few hours to capture the spirit and understand what happened here, so many hundreds of years ago.

  • Tel Aviv – The White City: Miami on the Mediterranean

    Israel, a magnificent country and certainly should be at the top of your list of places to visit!

    What often happens is that many spend only a night once they disembark from their flight, exhausted and anxious to get some rest before venturing out to explore and discover the secrets embedded in this ancient land.

  • Luxury Patrol: Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem is the sacred capital of Israel and one of several incredible biblical cities. Situated in the Judean Mountains, the city rests between the Mediterranean and Dead Sea. Jerusalem is divided into two cities, bringing together the best of both worlds. The new city is young and trendy while the old city thrives with history consisting of four diverse quarters: Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and holy to three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The beautiful architecture pays homage to ancient times, incorporating the very precious Jerusalem stone, a pale whitish-pink limestone. Buildings made with the Jerusalem stone are easily spotted and admired.

  • Dead Sea – Gift of Healing

    A visit to the Dead Sea should be top of your list when visiting Jordan or Israel.  When I lived in Jerusalem, often I would take a day to recoup and plan a “spa” day at the Dead Sea.  I was truly amazed to witness almost miraculous healing for various diseases such as psoriasis and cystic fibrosis.

  • Israel

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