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Exploring New Zealand

Lose yourself in this Kiwi Adventure and experience all of New Zealand’s many facets.

One thought on “Exploring New Zealand”

  • Thanks for featuring New Zealand Collette - it is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we are very welcoming of tourists, especially Baby Boomers, who have a real respect and fascination with our culture.

    We are proud to have launched 'Look After Me' - New Zealand's Homestay Network, which puts American Baby Boomers in touch with Kiwi Baby Boomers. Guests stay in hosted accommodation (either spare rooms, guest wings or self-contained units). Our hosts have all been vetted and the prices are really fair.

    Our guests tell us they love the benefit of the local knowledge, enjoying a lovely glass of wine and a decent coffee!

    We would warmly welcome your travel enquiry.

    Julia Charity
    Look After Me - New Zealand's Homestay Network

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