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  • Rose Island Lighthouse: Newport, Rhode Island

    Is it just me or is there mystery and romance surrounding a lighthouse?  Every time I’m near one, I just have to go and explore and dream of what it would be like to live in one, even for a day or a week. Well, dream no more, I have found a working lighthouse where you can stay and actually be a keeper, which is a lot of hard work, but oh, what an adventure!

  • The Crown & Castle: Orford, Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Susie has been talking to her British cousins about great places for dogs in the UK so we can provide recommendations for places our European readers can visit with their best friends. One of her pals from across the water brought a whole bunch of hotels and B&B’s to our attention in the United Kingdom. Susie and Beau are ready to hop on the Cunard Queen Mary II to visit them.  This option was featured in a recent pet patrol article entitled “Cruise with your Pet?: The Options are Limited.”

  • What Do Baby Boomers Want When They Choose A Hotel?

    Here are 15 items that we would like hotels to have as we make our selection for places to stay.

  • Thunderbird Inn: Savannah, Georgia

    Well, I finally found a hotel that truly caters to our demographic, the Baby Boomers, because they actually have a “Baby Boomer Rate!” I was so excited to see this and even more excited to get in on the fun of this retro property.

  • Le Moulin du Roc: Dordogne, France

    Raise your hand if you love, wine, great food and truffles. Well, then this is the place for you. Le Moulin du Roc is a unique property overlooking the Dronne River in the Perigord region of southwest France. It is just northwest of Bordeaux between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees – go ahead and look it up on Google maps – we have a link to the maps at the bottom of the homepage. This area is well known for its truffles – in fact, there is even a Truffle Museum, so you really must check it out.

  • Le Boat: Scotland

    Generally, I write about hotels that stand still, however, this time, you get to take your hotel with you! If you can drive a car, you can captain a boat on a canal. After a short demonstration and briefing, you get the keys to your own floating Villa. You don’t ever have to worry about getting seasick, because these boats are so stable, you won’t spill your morning coffee.

  • Bardessono: Yountville, California

    Want to combine luxury for both you and your pet? Bardessono in Yountville, California is the place for you and your best friend. In fact for the one-time pet cleaning fee of $150 you can have up to two pets stay with you in your room.

  • Moonrise Hotel: St. Louis, Missouri

    When you pull up to the Moonrise Hotel, you have the feeling that you just arrived in Miami’s South Beach, well, except for the beach part. There’s an art deco/neon sign kind of vibe – very funky and cool and very George Jetson! This is such a find in St. Louis that it’s worth a trip to this city even if you have no reason to be there. Now, there’s plenty to see in St. Louis, so I’m sure you will want to visit anyway.

  • Rathbone Hotel: London, England

    Whenever you travel to a large city, there are two main considerations when choosing a hotel – location and price. At least, that’s what I check out first – and the bigger the city, the more important those two items are! London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so when you can find a decent price in a great location, count me in!

  • Hotel Blue: Lewes, Delaware

    What do you know about Delaware? Here are three facts for you:
    # 1 - Delaware was the first State to ratify the Constitution.
    # 2 – It is the second smallest State.
    # 3 – The city of Lewes, Delaware was founded in 1631 and is home to the really cool Hotel Blue!

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