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  • Discover Scotland

    Now is the perfect time to experience the rugged natural beauty and vibrant and historical cities of Scotland.  You have a personal invitation to see all that’s great about the country in
    its Year of Homecoming 2014.

  • The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower: Florence, Italy

    During our first trip to Italy, we spent 3 days in Florence. Out the window of our home base, Hotel De Lansi, was the main church of Florence, The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower. The ideas and architectural techniques used to build its dome played an important role in igniting the Renaissance.

  • Discover Portugal’s Treasures – Part II

    Experience the warm hospitality of Portugal as you discover its rich vineyards, delicious sweets and unique shopping opportunities. Second part of a two part series on Portugal.

  • Discover Portugal’s Treasures – Part 1

    Passion. Culture. Paradise. It’s time to fall in love with Portugal!

  • Hotel More: Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Located on the magnificent Adriatic Sea in the Bay of Lapad is the beautiful boutique Hotel More. 34 rooms and 3 suites with views of the sea on one side and Mediterranean gardens on the other – you can't miss!

    It is about 10 miles from the airport and a 45 minute walk to Old Town or take the bus as an option. The rooms come equipped with air conditioning, TV, radio, trouser press, whirlpool tubs and free Wifi. The hotel is built onto the side of a hill, which allows for the beautiful views. You will also have views of the Adriatic from the heated swimming pool on the fifth floor. Free deck chairs, umbrellas and towels are provided for the guests at the pool and on the beach.

  • A Room in Paris: Paris, France

    No, this not a typo, the accommodation I bring to your attention is actually called, “A Room in Paris” because that's what you get and it's in a private residence! The city itself is charming, so why not stay in a place that makes you feel like Paris is your home.

  • Catching Song: Art in the Umbrian Hills of Italy

    I was recently listening to an interview with the musician, Bobby McFerrin where he describes improvisation as movement, as catching song. What does it mean to catch a song? It implies that the song, our creation, is already here– and so part of our work as artists is to listen, to observe, and improvise from our experience. At La Romita, we will develop these skills through drawing, writing and watercolor techniques–  and taking daily sketching trips into the small Umbrian hill towns. In the afternoons we return to La Romita for time in the workshop.

  • Zurich, Switzerland: “Heartbeat of Europe”

    Zurich is one of those magnificent cities centered in the heart of Switzerland and Europe. It is a major worldwide transportation gateway. Rather than transiting through, I encourage you to plan a one or two day visit to this enchanting city!

  • Luxury Patrol - France

    I love history - mostly European and English I confess. The grandeur, the splendor, the architecture, the "location," are all modern marvels. Except some of the greatest examples of extraordinary vision, architecture, paintings, design, landscape gardens were created centuries ago.  How did they do it then without design apps and computer programs? Without villages of people sitting around sewing, stitching, creating tapestries that tell vivid stories. How did...? There really is no answer, so, when you've spent a few days in Paris, had your fill of city-life, hop aboard a TGV train and speed away to the Loire Valley.  And the magic will engulf you.

  • Geneva, Switzerland: Capital of Peace

    Geneva is a Swiss city located on the south shore of Lake Geneva.  Many of its’ 200,000 inhabitants are foreigners and also hosts numerous International Organizations, including UN headquarters, Red Cross and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research – the world’s largest particle physics laboratory).  It is also a major international financial centre, known for privacy banking laws.

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