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South America

  • Cartagena, Colombia

    With its cocaine days in the past, the Colombian seaport of Cartagena has emerged as the belle of the ball. Cartagena, a fairy tale city of romance, legends, and sheer beauty, is a captivating place that can be hard to escape. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cartagena draws legions of tourists and thus, inevitably, aggressive touts and money changers. This is the place to drop all sightseeing routines. Instead, just stroll through Cartagena's maze of cobbled alleys, where enormous balconies are hidden and massive churches cast their shadows across leafy plazas.

  • Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Guayquil, Ecuador, classiness and luxury come together in this small yet vibrant city. Situated along the Pacific Ocean, Guayaquil delivers exclusive shopping, dinning, culture and luxurious lifestyle.

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