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  • Deadwood, South Dakota

    Should you find yourself in the Black Hills vicinity, gallop into Deadwood for some great western-style fun. This town is famous for its Gold Rush days, circa 1875, and for where Wild Bill Hickok was killed. The HBO series, Deadwood, has rekindled interest in this lively little town.

  • New Harmony, Indiana and Harmonie State Park

    On the advice of well-traveled friends, we headed the motorhome to New Harmony, Indiana last fall. This special town is located in the south-western tip of Indiana along the Illinois border, and is well worth the trip.

  • The Great Platte River Road Archway: Kearney, Nebraska

    This summer we crossed the Plains through Nebraska, following the famed pioneer trail along the Platte River. We traveled west from St. Louis, skirted around Kansas City, and passed through a small slice of Iowa, where sunflowers grow wild in the fence rows and the dirt is black as coffee grounds.

  • Show Me Missouri

    At some point in your travels you’re bound to traverse Missouri. And what a treat that will be! Smack in the middle of the country, Missouri is a major corridor between north-south destinations, and a gateway for east-west routes.

  • Colter Bay Village: Grand Teton National Park

    The beautiful thing about traveling in an RV is that you’re always at home. Sleeping in your own comfy bed, a pantry full of favorite foods, clothes hanging neatly in a closet instead of crammed into a suitcase. And when you move from place to place, you never have to unpack.

  • First Landing State Park: Virginia Beach, VA

    Sometimes first impressions are misleading. Such was the case with our visit to First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. This is a huge campground with direct beach access, and lots of amenities to please everyone. However, the check-in process was so confounding that we nearly gave up.

  • Yellowstone East Gate and Cody, Wyoming

    Last summer we arrived at Yellowstone National Park from the Grand Tetons via the picturesque South Gate. The approach from the south is an easy and enjoyable ride. This well-maintained road winds through a thick forest of slender Lodge Pole Pines, occasionally offering a view of lively streams and crystalline lakes.

  • Winter Camp: Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN

    Occasionally there are risks worth taking. In early December we took a chance on some late-season camping in central Indiana. The forecast predicted light snow, but we didn't let that scare us off.

  • Greenbrier State Forest

    We’ve come to realize that bigger is not always better. Sometimes it’s the little places that offer the most charming experience. Greenbrier State Forest is one such gem, hidden deep in the West Virginia mountains. This is old-school camping at its finest. Small and slightly primitive, the campground offers only sixteen electric sites, tucked into lush and shady groves.

  • RV Patrol


    Join Richie as she takes you on her Road Warrior journeys from coast to coast. With her sense of adventure and husband and dog by her side, Richie will share the sights, sounds and adventures of being in her RV. The best part is the people you meet along the way. We want to hear from all nature lovers, so be sure and share your treks from the roads, parks and campgrounds. Happy Trails!

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