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United States of America

  • Louisville Pedestrian Bridge Over Ohio River Longest in U.S.

    Louisville, Kentucky has repurposed a 118-year-old railroad bridge over the Ohio River into the longest pedestrian bridge in the United States. It connects Louisville with Jeffersonville, Indiana by foot, bicycle, and mindset. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets can be viewed on a regular basis. You can marvel at the power of the river as it rolls beneath you toward New Orleans. You can see how the river widens at The Falls of the Ohio to almost a mile.

  • Cookbook: Echo Park,California

    I love to report to you places that are special, in an unusual way! I like to use the word a little mysterious to describe this market. I love the boutique feeling of this small 500 square foot space. Everything is the bestest and the freshest ( Blondee wording). They sell out early so make sure you can go early. Their staff always makes you feel so much at home here too!

  • Primitive: Chicago, Illinois

    If you are in or around Chicago, you have got to go to the retail store named Primitive, three floors of rare antiquities, ancient art, and authentic craft from cultures all over the world. Each object is artfully arranged to showcase the individual item in the context of a room. The effect is amazing and it’s all for sale.

  • D’Angelo and Mill Valley, California

    I truly love this town. It is close to San Francisco, 11 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge and reminds me of a lot of the magical New England towns. It is very picturesque and is surrounded by canyons and hillsides of Mount Tamalpais. The weather here is nice most of the year and is just a few minutes from Tiburon and the ferry. The Mill Valley Inn is a great place to stay....415.389.6608.  The first place I always need to visit is Mill Valley Market. There is parking right next to it and that is where I begin my day. They have everything true chefs and foodies would LOVE in this market. I usually can spend a good hour in here and always come back to walk out to car with purchases.

  • Devils Tower, Wyoming

    Why would you want to see a big rock?

    Because Devils Tower is more than just a geological oddity.

    There’s something deep and profound here that led Native Americans

    to hold this as a Sacred Place.

  • Northern Rail Train Car Hotel: Two Harbors, Minnesota

    Here's one for the train enthusiasts out there and I know a lot of Boomers who are in this category. This will be a nice place to share your passion for the rails with your grandchildren. Located just north of Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior, this 17 room rustic hotel's guest rooms are housed in real train boxcars. All rooms have TV and central air, the larger suites include a fireplace, mini-fridge and microwave. Rates include a continental breakfast which is served in the main building that looks like a Depot. This building is where you check in and also features a lending library of books and games.

  • Selland's: Sacramento, California

    It is a Thursday, around 12:30 and it is as busy as ever, a lot of the visitors are boomers! This fun spot is a weekly visit for me and my family. It is placed right in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by charm, trees, top restaurants and shops nearby. Randall Selland and Nancy Zimmer operate all of the four top culinary delights above along with their children.

  • Down by the Old Mill Stream: Spring Mill State Park - Mitchell, IN

    Don’t you love finding a new favorite spot to camp? Or maybe it’s a place that everyone seems to know about and you’re just discovering it for the first time. Our recent trip to Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana proved to be just that.

  • The Milk Bone Sundae at Dairy Kastle: Louisville, KY

    As boomers we have seen the unfortunate disappearance of many of the smaller local drive-ins, diners, restaurants, and quaint local motels that we grew to love as children. Also many of the small shops and stores have also bitten the dust.  I remember the joy of going up to the neighborhood Rexall soda fountain for a chocolate or cherry coke, looking at the latest comic books and then walking down to the Woolworth’s five and dime where I could buy some new toy figures and soldiers that we used in our creation of new worlds in the family den during bad weather.

  • Chicago History Museum

    The Chicago History Museum showcases the important events, people, and groups that have had an impact on the city’s character. It’s a great spot to get the feel of what makes Chicago special. You leave understanding why Chicago is a city of big ideas.

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