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  • Cook: St.Helena, California

    This small, classy restaurant is placed right in the center of St. Helena, right in the middle of the wine country. This charming town is so much fun to stroll through all of the shops, galleries and restaurants. Cook is owned by Jude Wilmoth and Michael Wilmoth (brothers).

  • Ristorante Life: Rome, Italy

    This restaurant is so superb, the location is on one of the most beautiful streets in Rome, near Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain (make sure you have your boomer shoes on so you can walk after dining). I would describe this destination as pure beauty. The owners, Giovanna and Clemente are known masters in this business, both looking like movie stars, enjoying their success with such graciousness.

  • Leaving Camp: First stop – King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT

    The week seemed to fly by and the time had come to leave camp and head north through Vermont to Canada. Susie had a fun and productive week and had made many new friends, both canine and human. She was going to miss her camp buddies especially Brie, Lucy, Rascal, Digby and another Aussie, Phil a blue merle from the Bronx.

  • Gabrielle’s: Centerbrook, Connecticut

    Mauricio, Joseph and Chef Jason have combined their talents and passions into this contemporary bistro that offers fresh and fabulous food! They love locally grown ingredients and also use an international influence.

  • Field Trip to Dave Matt’s Sugar House

    Taffy Morgan organized a field trip for campers who wanted to visit a local maple syrup farm, both to see how the syrup is produced as well as to purchase really high quality maple syrup to take home. Susie and I joined the group going to Dave Matt’s sugar shack on Thursday evening after dinner at camp.

  • One Restaurant - Toronto, Ontario

    This fabulous, outrageous, sexy restaurant is located in The Hazelton Hotel, in the heart of Yorkville, in downtown Toronto.

    One was created by Mark McEwan, a chef who is busy every second. It is part of his empire, The McEwan Group. It has that wow factor the moment you step in which boomers love! The design of it all is outrageous and there are art collections placed everywhere, mosaic everywhere. When you go on the website, just listening to the music makes you want to be there in a second! There are true red suede walls and huge panels of window in the Neil Young room.

  • The Fat Duck: Bray, UK

    In 1995 Heston Blumenthal, a self-taught cook, bought a 450 year old pub in Bray. It opened as a bistro serving French classics. It was a hard road for a while, soon the reviews began. In 2000 the restaurant was refurbished and from then until now, the international awards are pouring in as fast as his diners.

  • Brauhaus German Restaurant: Akeley, Minnesota

    I have some German in my heritage so I love to visit authentic German restaurants wherever I may be. This is really fun to find this family history right in the town of Akeley.

  • Distrito: Scottsdale, Arizona

    Wow, I love this chef, Jose Garces! He wants all of us to celebrate culture and cuisine from Mexico, he is the Master of Latin cuisine, has been seen as The Iron Chef America on Food Network and guess who was his influence leading to all of this success?  Yes, just like me, his grandmother!

  • Chelsea Royal Diner: West Brattleboro, Vermont

    On our arrival at camp on Sunday, June 2, it was a warm to hot summer day. Our room was on the second floor of Marlboro North and fortunately we brought a fan to help cool things down. Of course a front moved through and the rest of the week was cool, but for a couple of Southerners cool water and iced drinks were imperative.

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