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  • Holiday Inn Express: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

    On Saturday, June 8, 2013, we arrived at the hotel at 3:45 in the afternoon. We selected the location south of Montreal because the rates are less outside of the city and the hotel was listed as pet friendly. At this property there was no additional charge for Susie.

  • Falls of the Ohio River: 375 Million Year Old Devonian Fossil Bed

    A visit to the Falls of the Ohio River evokes feelings of an ancient time. Three hundred and seventy-five million years ago it was a tropical sea! These falls are the only natural obstruction on the river between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s one of those places that make you think in terms of geologic time. You realize how short our time on Earth really is and yet how we all are connected to a past long ago. For Louisvillians, it is the reason we are here. People had to stop and portage around the falls. Many stayed to start businesses and families.

  • Luxury Patrol: Las Vegas

    VIVA LAS VEGAS! Welcome to the city of lights, casinos and breathtaking hotels. Whether visiting for the first time or making your annual return, Las Vegas hotels and casinos make every trip unique. From the upscale dining and casinos to the incredible shopping and shows, a Las Vegas hotel is a one stop deal.

  • Hotel Sipan: Croatia

    When I showed photos of this area to my friends, I had them try and guess the location. The answers ranged from Switzerland to Fiji to California – that's how incredibly beautiful this island is on the Adriatic. It is part of the Elaphiti Islands and only one hour away by boat from Dubrovnik.

  • Dog Creek at Nolin Lake And Cub Run Cave

    Ever wonder where the locals go? Try this little gem in central Kentucky!

    Dog Creek Campground is located on the east end of a sprawling valley flooded to create Nolin Lake. There are many campgrounds on Nolin Lake, but lovely little Dog Creek is just the right size to suit us. There are only about 50 electric campsites, each generous in size, with plenty of green space between and thoughtfully angled so you're not wedged against the neighbor’s clothesline of wet bathing suits

  • Entering Canada: Susie Becomes an International Traveler

    Susie wanted to share her experience crossing her first international border into Canada. Not only was she entering Canada, but crossing the border into French speaking Quebec where she is now known as Mademoiselle Suzette and  Mademoiselle Suzi.

  • On Patrol on 31-W from Michigan to Alabama: Swope Car Museum

    Let’s get off the interstate and “Go on Patrol!!” Today we are traveling on 31W, one of the original north south routes that run parallel to I-65 from Michigan to Alabama. On a car lot in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, we found Swope’s Cars of Yesteryear Museum. It is without a doubt the best free Car Museum in the U.S. Owner, Bill Swope, has collected and put on display 60 cars built between 1900 and 1970. They have been lovingly restored in every detail. I am a collector (not of cars) so I’m in total awe at what Mr. Swope has accomplished. He has found many totally original cars that are in “like new” condition.

  • Luxury Patrol: Rome

    Your head starts singing on such mentions, and the first time you see Rome, you know you'll be back. Yes, of course, go to the Fontana di Trevi, and throw your coins in the fountain to guarantee your return. So many old traditions and customs, Rome is an amazing mix of the truly ancient mixed in with 21st Century kids, technology, architecture - and it all works somehow.

  • Global Volunteers Worldwide

    O.K. all you Boomers – here's your chance to leave a mark on the world. This is not exactly about a hotel, but it is about staying somewhere in the world that can use your help. There is a wonderful organization called Global Volunteers based in Minnesota and Boomers played a significant role in developing partnerships worldwide for this organization in its early days.

    They engage short-term volunteers for long-term projects “to create, nurture and sustain the well-being of the world's children.” Have I struck a chord?

  • Port O Call: Bermuda

    Port O Call is part of the Yellowfin Group of Restaurants. Their other restaurants include:  Pearl is a top addition to the favorite sushi scene, Bistro J is a lively bistro that is a true culinary jewel, and Ten is Bermuda’s hot spot and they do have the best tapas.

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