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  • Amsterdam – Venice of the North

    Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the world – from the many canals to world-famous museums, it should be at the top of the list for any traveler to Europe.  Its official name is Kingdom of the Netherlands which also has in control its overseas islands, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.  Only the central part of the Netherlands is called “Holland.”

  • Paris, France: City of Light and Love

    So much has been written about Paris, one can never do justice in describing this magnificent city! No matter if you pre-plan your itinerary or just show up, you will not be disappointed!

  • Travel Tips: Stretching Your Travel Budget

    Ok … I understand – where has the gold gone as we enter our “Golden Years.”  For many of us our 401K is unrecognizable as we have seen its value plummet within the past few years.  Yes, it does seem the sky is falling – and we do not have another thirty to forty years to recoup our losses.

  • Cologne, Germany: Köln ist ein Gefühl ("Cologne is a Feeling")

    Cologne is one of the oldest large German cities and its name dates back to Roman times. The imperial governors of Rome resided here and soon the town grew into one of the most important trade and production centers in the Roman Empire. The Emperor Claudius's fourth wife Agrippina – Nero's mother – was born here.

  • Milano : Fashion Capital of Italy

    Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, if not the world.  Many plan trips to Milan just to indulge in the many shops that sell high quality leather purses, shoes and clothing.There is always something for everyone and I have found their clothing and leather goods to be very reasonable and of high quality.  For women, even in the local grocery store, one can pick up non-run hosiery that will last for months!

  • Jerusalem, Israel – Center of the World

    Jerusalem is perhaps my most favorite destination and I was blessed to have lived here with my family for a few years.  I will always remember how overwhelmed I was with the history and many historic sites and will share my own simple guide in visiting this historical city.

  • Plane Sense: Tips for Fighting Jet-Lag

    Most international travel from the U.S., flights depart late afternoon or early evening with scheduled arrivals the following morning.  By the time you check into your hotel, you may be exhausted from your trip!   What a wasted day if you have to spend it in bed, trying to recoup from that crowded flight!

  • Copenhagen, Denmark - A Modern Day Fairytale

    Copenhagen is an elegant mixture of ancient castles and palaces along with eco-friendly modern architecture, advanced waterways and open spaces.  Danes refer to their country as the Green State and lead the world in green growth economy.  Their goal is to be independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

  • Bellagio – “The Pearl of the Lake”

    Few places in the world are as romantic and private as Bellagio, a resort nestled in the hills of Lake Como.  Often referred to as “Pearl of the Lake,” Bellagio has world class hotels and restaurants that offer the perfect environment to relax and enjoy the stunning panoramic views – especially the Italian Alps.

  • In the “Dead” of the night! : Cheap Travel Tips

    We all are watching our budgets and trying to stretch those dollars as much as we can, given the current economic environment that we all have been enduring!   Don’t despair, boomer patrol is but a click away and here I will share with you the secrets for unlocking that treasure chest where you will find great deals on air travel, despite all the fees the carriers keep” packing” on day after day!

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