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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • RV Patrol:Asheville, North Carolina

    We had a wonderful camping experience at Campfire Lodgings, just north of downtown Asheville, NC. This privately owned campground is located at the top of Goldview Knob, and is worth the steep climb to get there. The owners have thoughtfully provided encouraging signs along the way to keep you moving, like “Just a little further” and “Ya made it!” But do take the time to unhook your towed vehicle before you ascend their gravel road.

  • Arrival at Camp Gone to the Dogs

    In Albany our new friends Sheri and Anne, who are already alumni of Camp Gone to the Dogs, told us about the camp and gave us an address to input into the GPS. The Garmin actually found it, but typical of most GPS’ it decided to route us by what it saw as the most direct route, which was in the back way through the woods.

  • West Baden Springs Hotel

    West Baden Springs Hotel is a world-class spa built around a mineral springs in the middle of rural Southern Indiana. Built in 1902, it consists of a six-story domed atrium that is 200 feet in diameter. When you first see this unique structure, you are sure to wonder how and why it is located in Southern Indiana.

  • Luxury Patrol: Eilat, Israel

    Eilat on the northern tip of the Red Sea, is home to luxury resorts and breathtaking panoramic views. Israelis will tell you, Eilat is the land of domestic vacationers and international tourist. So come relax, rejuvenate and indulge in the city’s remarkable resorts and spas and experience royalty in the Middle East.

  • Hotel Estherea: Amsterdam

    If you love to travel, chances are you have been to Amsterdam, the city of canals, windmills, museums and friendly people. I never tire of taking a Canal Boat sightseeing tour when I visit because it seems I spy something unique each time I go.

  • Bourbon Steak: A Michael Mina Restaurant - Aventura, Florida

    Bourbon Steak is one of South Florida’s favorite and best steakhouses. Michael Mina, celebrity chef, uses his signature methods to make everything you eat, unforgettable. Everything about Bourbon Steak is 5 stars!

  • Sports Patrol: Bahamas

    The sun tan from my fortnight’s visit to the Bahamas had barely started to fade when I took my wife to the cinema to see the 2006 re-make of Casino Royale featuring, for the first time, Daniel Craig as British secret service agent, James Bond.

    Quite early in the storyline 007 jets into Nassau, from where I had just returned, and then, much to my surprise, Bond set off in his car toward the exclusive Ocean Club resort on Paradise Island where I’d recently stayed and played golf during my familiarisation trip to the island.

    As Bond made for the bar and then the beach, the film afforded me a rare moment in my life when, with great pride, I leant over and whispered to my wife: “I stayed there!”

  • Deadwood, South Dakota

    Should you find yourself in the Black Hills vicinity, gallop into Deadwood for some great western-style fun. This town is famous for its Gold Rush days, circa 1875, and for where Wild Bill Hickok was killed. The HBO series, Deadwood, has rekindled interest in this lively little town.

  • On the Road to Marlboro

    After a night of rest in Albany, NY, Susie was ready to roll to dog camp registration at the camp located at Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT. Fortunately the patrol team was only 70 miles away, so could make a leisurely drive to Marlboro taking in the interesting sites and places along the way. Registration was from 12:30 to 2:30 pm so we had time to have a good breakfast, load up and enjoy the drive down NY 7 and VT 9.

  • Pensacola Beach, Florida

    Pensacola Beach has been a destination for our family many times. We have spent Christmas there as well as summer vacations. We visited our niece who worked in the city. Pensacola Beach is on Santa Rosa Island, one of the longest barrier islands in the world. Pensacola Beach pier is a great spot for fishing and one of the longest on the Gulf of Mexico at 1471 feet.

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