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Lake George, New York


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There’s nothing better than spending some time in the Adirondack Mountains at the height of the summer season! 

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There’s nothing better than spending some time in the Adirondack Mountains at the height of the summer season!


We landed at King Phillip’s Campground in Lake George, NY and made a cozy camp. The awning was out and a comfy patio was outfitted with rug, chairs, and table. Our hammock was strung between two towering elm trees, and the Adirondack air was cool and sweet. The campsite was outfitted with water, electricity, cable TV, and sewer hook-up – a premium site offered at a surprisingly affordable price.


King Phillip’s Campground is a large and well-maintained property, big rig friendly, with an interesting mixture of transient tourists and seasonal renters. Seasonal campers have elaborate patios and gardens which are showy evidence that the owners return year after year. We’ve seen this type of New York lake park before, and it still charms.


Our first night in Lake George we hopped on the motorcycle and cruised the main drag on Route 9 to the Prospect Diner for a great dinner that I didn’t have to cook. The short drive required a sweater plus jacket and gloves as it was unseasonably cool the week of our visit – something I didn’t grumble about too much after escaping the humidity and heat of the Midwest. 


King Phillip’s Campground is located on Bloody Pond Road - a disconcerting name for what is in fact a lovely country road. We drove past the campground to see if there really was a haunted pond and instead discovered it was a lucky shortcut to the main shopping district. East Cove Restaurant at the end of Bloody Pond Road was a fantastic find, filled with locals enjoying seafood and steak dinners.


The Lake George area has a long and interesting history. In 1642 French Jesuit missionary Isaac Jogues found his way to the Adirondacks. The local Iroquois weren’t too happy with his presence and chopped off a couple of his fingers as a warning. Not to be deterred, Isaac returned four years later and irritated the Mohawks who were far less generous and killed him. His name for the area, Lac du Saint Sacrement, stuck around for 100 years until the British renamed it for King George II.


Lake George was an important military position in the French-Indian War, and Fort William Henry dominates the south end of the bay. The town became a popular resort at the turn of the century, as the lake stretches for miles and offers grand views of the surrounding mountains. Lodges, motels, and summer homes sprang up, and it’s here that the Adirondack camp style of design is seen in its most splendid form.


The downtown shopping district is colorful and lively. Steamboats launch from the wharf and offer short excursions around the lake. Motorboats are plentiful, tucked into coves or rocking gently at private docks in front of lakeside camps. We spotted several swimming beaches and families frolicking in the blue-grey water. 


You can easily tour around Lake George and enjoy the scenery from many vantage points. Resorts and restaurants dot the shoreline and we motored down shady lanes and hidden roads to peek at the lovely homes, locally called “camps.” I liked the smaller camps best – the ones that looked like they were built about 100 years ago and well-loved for generations. Climbing up to The Top of the World off Route 9L, we found a hilltop golf course with a stunning view of the lake. Surely a reason to take up golfing!


The signature low-slung Adirondack chairs are everywhere, thoughtfully located in public places to enjoy the view, and proved to be very comfortable. After sitting in a dozen or so at various spots, I decided we needed a pair at home. They’ll be shipped right from the “factory” in upstate New York, which is really a small workshop with a couple of dedicated guys who hand craft each chair. You can find several vendors for these chairs in the downtown shops.


If you’re heading up to the Northeast, take some time to enjoy the spenders of Lake George and treat yourself to a stay at King Phillips Campground.










August 30, 2023

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