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Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado


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ASPEN/SNOWMASS has morphed into a year-round elite resort. Whatever your pleasure, you can probably find it here. Beginning as a world famous ski-resort, over the years it has built itself into a year-round must attend place, with pleasures for everyone.

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ASPEN/SNOWMASS has morphed into a year-round elite resort. Whatever your pleasure, you can probably find it here. Beginning as a world famous ski-resort, over the years it has built itself into a year-round must attend place, with pleasures for everyone.



Nestled into the Rocky Mountains, Aspen was named for the glorious slender silver trees growing in abundance in the area.  Those famous Rocky Mountains were made more famous by singer John Denver and his Rocky Mountain High, and people started flocking to this pristine valley to ski, play, and get "high".



It's not the easiest place to get to because of the altitude and the ever changing weather patterns. With climate change here, they had their last significant snowfall on May 9th. Good for the ski resorts, not so good for other businesses.  You can fly into Denver, or other nearby larger airports, then transfer to a small "puddle jumper" plane. If it's a calm day you're lucky. But if the weather is mean, it's no fun bouncing around those mountain peaks; it gives new meaning to white knuckle flying. It is what it is however, and unless you want to head out on a lengthy, and possibly snowy-icy mountainous, curvy, highway, the plane is the quickest way to get you there.



Aspen is a small jewel in a great setting. It has been created for accessibility. Free shuttles, pedestrian walkways, local bus service, it's a walking paradise. And of course in winter all roads and walkways are swept for ease of walking. If you're off to the slopes then that's your day's activity taken care of. If you're a snowbunny, there are amazing shops, restaurants, bars, salons and saloons, ice skating, etc.,to keep you active till the evening comes.



The nightlife is hot, hot, hot here. The most exclusive place is the Caribou Club, but unless you're a wealthy local or a billionaire visitor, you can't get into the Club, so make other plans. Every season another new restaurant, chain, or concept comes up and everyone heads there. Dancing till dawn attracts the young crowd, and the older one is happy with music and entertainment at the various hotels and lounges in town.



There are several 5-star hotels around, Little Nell's at the base of the mountain and chairlift, has always been super-hot and super elite. Jerome’s is a replica of a coal mining tavern/hotel, reminiscent of John Wayne movies. The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and all the ritziest hotels are open there, just take your pick of luxury properties.



As the snow melts high in the mountains and the snowmelt washes into rivers and streams and comes downhill, the mountain starts to come to life in its spring finery.  To see the mountain come to life daily, with more flowers, more plants, more trees awakening to a glorious profusion of color, well it will take your breath away.  And this is how the locals have created a year round resort by developing interests in the Four Seasons, and something for everyone.



For the world's intellectuals and great thinkers, the Aspen Institute draws famous politicians, humanitarians, celebrities, TV personalities, etc., from the around the globe. The Aspen Institute has become an annual Mecca for various disciplines.  The Food & Wine Festival is one of the finest in the country, drawing thousands of visitors from around the globe. The intense interest in this subject evolved with the advent of the foodie, and with them, the growing American appetite for wines from all corners of the earth. The Food & Wine Festival is a must attend for professionals in the field, and amateurs who just love the subject.  Aspen's Music Festival in the Meadows of the valley, bring world famous musicians to this corner of the world, to relax and make heavenly music. This Festival will rival any of the ones throughout Europe in the summer season.



Proving its popularity to the celebrated and rich, Aspen has one of the largest private jet airports in the country. Small and corporate jets of all sizes are parked there waiting for their next adventure. And, several famous stars and celebrities call Aspen home for several months in a year. Goldie Hawn, Kirk Russell, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson, their blended children and now grandchildren are residents. Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith used to bring Dakota to Aspen with them. In 2015 Dakota might just turn out to be the world's biggest start with her appearance in 50 Shades of Gray! You just never know who you'll see whizzing down these glamorous slopes. 



If a luxury hotel isn't for you, then try a Chalet rental of the billionaire kind! Scattered around the mountainsides and close to the slopes these multi-million dollar homes come with servants, chefs, nannies and every other amenity you could want.



Important reminder - Aspen is at 7,000 ft. high, that's breathtaking, and breath-taking.  Forget your daily jog, or game of tennis, unless you're on an indoor track. Aspen will literally take your breath away, so take it easy, and enjoy any day in any season in this little piece of Heaven on Earth.


 July 11, 2014


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