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Liz Dahl created a PR firm in 1984 and has been serving clients in Louisville and nationally since that time. Liz's prior experience was in business, politics and entertainment. She started her first company, a travel agency, when she was in her early thirties. She was then approached by Phyllis George, a former Miss America and future First Lady of Kentucky to become her Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. She was also named head of the Kentucky Film Foundation. It was during that tenure that she become involved with the media on a national level.
After the administration ended, Liz went on to form her own PR firm, Liz Dahl Enterprises and has been involved in this industry ever since.
Her clients have been varied and sometimes unusual, but it has always been interesting and successful. Liz's track to the United States was a difficult one. Her father was in a concentration camp and she was born in a Displaced Person's Camp in Germany. The family came to America on a cargo ship from Europe and Liz keeps the photo of that journey on her desk as a regular reminder of her past and the opportunities that have been made available to her in this country. In fact, she is currently working on a movie of her parent's love story.
In July of 2013, she founded www.boomertravelpatrol.coma travel website for Baby Boomers out of a frustration of not being targeted to appeal to her "fun" side. After turning 50, her mailbox was full of hearing aid ads, drug company information, burial plots and laxatives. Having owned her own travel agency, she went back to her passion and has now combined her knowledge and love of travel with her professional PR skills.