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Meet Blondee - Food Patrol

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Blondee is very proud to be a boomer. She has been known as a personality and culinary food expert for 30 years. She was so excited to become an author of “Blondee Glamour in the Kitchen” and has always dreamed BIG!


One of her huge passions is travel. That led Blondee to becoming a critic and writing about restaurants, chefs and hotels in 1994 to 2001 on “Cooking and Traveling with Blondee”. In the 2000's she continued to visit restaurants and chefs and wrote on www.blondeelifestyle.com and now under Blondee Buzz on www.blondeeculinarylifestyle.com. Fashion, beauty and real estate are also businesses she has been involved in.


There have been numerous television, radio appearances and press coverages in print about this woman. She has such a refreshing style, which is truly her own! One of her favorite quotes she said is “Glamour is an attitude and being able to cook is a luxury”. She loves to help children and seniors, has an amazing family including her only daughter Briana, who is the most amazing. Cooking and entertaining, gardening, reading, strolling through galleries and going on long walks, listening to all kinds of music and seeing great movies are some of her pastimes.


You will know it is her the moment you see her walk in....you never know where she will pop up!