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Yes You Can Take a Cruise, Without Gaining Weight…

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Cruise fans are typically baby boomers too; unfortunately, as you may expect, surveys indicate that their obesity rates are growing, and, of course, cruising and food go together like hand in glove. 

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Cruise fans are typically baby boomers too; unfortunately, as you may expect, surveys indicate that their obesity rates are growing, and, of course, cruising and food go together like hand in glove.


In fact with a predicted market of 23 million passengers in 2016, and an estimated average gain of over 4lb per 10-day cruise, cruisers will have collectively gained a gut-busting 44,152 tons of extra fat during their vacation.


And those tons of fat are worrying politicians and medical experts alike, who have to deal with the side-effects of obesity.


So the question is: Is it inevitable that if you go on a cruise you’re going to come home having piled on the pounds? And the simple answer is: of course not!


In fact there are many tips and techniques, which can help you to avoid falling into the trap that the crew on cruise ships sometimes joke about: “they go on board as passengers and roll back down the gangway as cargo…” Crew often describe passengers as “a herd of cows – easily contented, and grazing all day…..” Cruise directors joke with people as they board about how much weight they’ll gain. 


You’re on the cruise to enjoy yourself, and you should be able to do just that, according to weight management specialists, Martin and Marion Shirran, who have just published their third book, “Cruise Yourself Slim… And in fact, although perhaps the wisest plan is to ‘lose before you cruise’, as well as take care of what you eat while at sea, the Shirrans cover all aspects of the trip, from the planning stage through to once you’re back at home staring at the scales!


So, what would be utopia for the majority of cruise passengers?  It would be to enjoy every meal, every cocktail, every peanut, and not come home fatter than when they started.   Well believe it or not this IS possible!


Yes! You can enjoy that delicious food presented to you at every turn. You can enjoy your fair share of elaborate main courses, desserts, cocktails … and still return home being able to fit in the clothes you wore the day you joined the ship!


In the book they share tricks and tips to enable you to enjoy your cruise ship, including the wining and dining experiences: after all, you went away to enjoy yourselves, not to be made to feel miserable about weight gain! 


The authors have included input from cruise staff, from academia, and from cruise passengers (in their hundreds!).  The book is based on thousands of hours’ first-hand experience of both cruising and of hearing their clinic clients’ weight problems. 


Cruise Yourself Slim incorporates a unique weight loss system designed and refined by world-class practitioners in their areas of interest, and is based on hard facts; data given being supplied directly from those whom the book was written to help.


Martin & Marion comment: “And the best thing is that we never suggest you shouldn’t indulge yourself and eat what you want to. This system isn’t about refusal, but rather about eating and drinking everything you want to on a cruise, deploying realistic, simple and manageable weight-management strategies along the way. Without the dark cloud of guilt hanging over you on your next cruise, you’ll actually enjoy yourself more!”


“Cruise Yourself Slim” is available from Amazon in either Kindle, print or audio formats.


Written by weight loss specialists Martin and Marion Shirran, and based on one of the largest surveys of cruise passengers ever conducted, ‘Cruise Yourself Slim: Enjoy Your Cruise ... Without Piling On The Pounds!’ calls on collaborations with a Cardiologist, cruise industry professionals and ex cruise ship personnel to help readers enjoy every last morsel of food on their next cruise, without tipping the scales upon their return. As creators of the Gastric Mind Band weight loss system, the Shirrans have already helped hundreds of people, as well as themselves, practice what they preach. This is the only book of its kind on the market, sailing straight into a storm of contention millions of cruise passengers refuse to discuss.



For more information visit www.cruiseslim.com

To buy a copy of the book visit Amazon


March 10, 2023

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