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Ms. Diehl is recognized as the Miss Manners of International etiquette and protocol. Director and founder of Diane Diehl Company, a California based protocol consulting and training enterprise, Diane is one of a small handful of certified protocol and etiquette experts originally trained in the 1980’s.


One word best describes Diane Diehl - visionary – for she was the first company to offer training for children, business and social etiquette as well as international protocol. She integrated into her business programs the international component – knowledge she gained from working with military attaches and chiefs of protocol. Most etiquette and training organizations today have followed her lead.


A graduate of Chicago’s Lake Forest College and daughter of a top ranking military officer attached to diplomatic posts and Washington’s Pentagon, Diane’s childhood was spent immersed in protocol issues surrounded by social affairs and state functions governed by generations of military and political etiquette.


In the 1980’s Diane was uniquely trained by Sondra Snowdon of Snowdon International and co-founded the International Protocol Officers Association™ – whose mission was to bridge protocol training from the governmental sector to private enterprise. Later that decade Diane further received her Business Etiquette certification in Washington D.C.


She also studied under Professor Hester Beall Provensen, Communication Consultant to Members of Congress, the Administration, and Diplomatic Corps. She received intensive cross-cultural training from the Institute of Cross-Cultural Training.


Diane went on to develop children’s programs through her association with Marjabelle Young Stewart, author of over twenty books on etiquette and protocol. Marjabelle Young Stewart and Grace B. Kyle (Diane’s mother) in the 1950’s taught charm classes together in the Washington D.C. area and they were trained by Mrs. Gladstone Williams, the authority on all etiquette and protocol at that time in the Washington.


In 1989 she was selected as West Coast Representative for the Marjabelle Young Stewart Enterprises Children’ Programs, most well-known since the 1960’s White Gloves and Party Manners. These programs are presented at the United Nations International School and in White House circles as well as over 800 cities throughout the United States and Europe.


The last ten years Diane Diehl has been affiliated with a major international airline where she visits many international destinations with the purpose to continue her own ongoing original research into the international customs and protocols of a particular country. During these last few years she has lived with her family in Albania, Macedonia, Jordan, and London, England.


Currently, Diane Diehl along with her Director of Children’s Programs, Lisa Gache have formed a new venture entitled,Beverly Hills Manners™ which will provide ongoing training programs for children and adults. In 2006 Diane completed her much acclaimed World Class Customer Service Program™ for the hotel industry and looks forward to promoting this exclusive and unique program worldwide. They will be launching a series of etiquette books, brand products for entertaining, videos, television series, as well as teaming up with fashion designers to provide respectful and chic fashion styles for young women.


Diane Diehl and her classes have been featured in various news publications, radio and television shows. She was a contributing author to World-Insight, a Perspective on International Relations, published by Worldport Los Angeles.


Diane Diehl’s e-books entitled, International Protocols of Japan, Korea, China, France and Germany, and International Dining and Gift-Giving Customs can be obtained through her website's bookstore.